Baggage Essentials

Hand luggage - one luggage max 8 kilos

  • All passengers, 2 years and above, can bring one hand luggage within the measurements 55x40x20cm and maximum 8 kilos. 
  • If an article has dangerous properties (flammable, toxic, corrosive, etc), it may not be carried in your handluggage. This also applies to a number of prohibited items that can be used as weapons. The regulations also restrict the amount of liquids passengers can take on board as handluggage.. Read more here: Avinor-Luggage
  • Valuable assets (eg. passports, laptop, tablet, money, medicine, jewelry, cameras, musical instruments, keys, etc.) should be carried in your hand luggage.
  • On some routes you can deliver your hand luggage at the aircraft when boarding.(Delivery at Aircraft)

    More about delivery at aircraft

    Delivery at Aircraft

    To ensure faster boarding, less queues and a more comfortable journey you can deliver you hand luggage at the aircraft when boarding. At arrival the luggage is returned to you at the aircraft. Please contact our staff at the gate if you wish to use this service and they will assist you. You will receive a luggage tag, please remember to keep the receipt. This service is available on all international flights and most flights south of Trondheim.

Checked baggage - at least one checked baggage for free

  • All passengers can bring at least one checked baggage free of charge on all Widerøe flights
  • If the included checked baggage is too heavy (more than 23 kg) or too large (more than 158 cm), you only pay the excess weight fee and/or the larger baggage fee.
  • Please note that other airlines might have different baggage rules. 
  • If an article has dangerous properties (flammable, toxic, corrosive, etc) or is prohibited in accordance with the security regulations, it may not be carried in checked baggage. Information about this can be found here: Avinor-Luggage

Norway/Europe Number of baggage/weight  Size (D+W+H) 
Youth/Economy  1 baggage x 23 kilos  max 158 cm per baggage
Flex/Seniors/Full Flex  2 baggage x 23 kilos  max 158 cm per baggage 
Infant (0-2 years)  1 baggage x 23 kilos
+ 1 pram
 max 115 cm per baggage

EuroBonus Silver are always entitled to one extra bag free of charge, EuroBonus Gold and Diamond are entitled two extra bags free of charge.

Charges excess baggage - book and pay when booking online or at the airport

  • If you travel with additional baggage or your baggage is too heavy/big, you pay a set fee per baggage.

Weight and dimesions
 Extra bag
 <23kg, <158 cm*
 Overweight  24-32 kg, <158 cm*
 Overweight  158-277cm*  EUR31
 Extra overweight bag
 24-32 kg, <158 cm*
 Extra bag
 158-277cm*,<23kg  EUR70
 Extra bag
 158-277cm*, 24-32kg
*) Height + width + depth in cm

Baggage calculator - calculate the price for additional baggage

The Baggage Calculator is a tool to calculate the price for extra luggage and special baggage. It is for illustrative purposes only and might be subject to price changes and errors.

Special baggage

You can bring different types of baggage when you travel with us. If the number of baggage and/or weight (including any special luggage) exceeds the allowance for your ticket class, you pay an excess.  

Widerøes aircrafts has limited cargo capacity and that is why any special baggage more than 23 kg and 1.40 cm might be on standby (apart from skies). This means that they may not be accepted on the same flight as yourself, but will be sent on the next plane with available cargo capacity.

Avalanche rescue bag

Avalanche rescue bag

  • We accept one bag containing one cylinder of compressed gas per person as either hand luggage or checked baggage
  • The backpack must be packed in such a manner that it cannot be accidentally activated. The airbags within the backpacks must be fitted with pressure relief valves. 
  • We will however not accept these packs as freight, as they are considered dangerous goods.
  • Please add a comment in the field for special requests that you bring "avalanche rescue bag" as either carry-on or checked baggage.

Musical instruments

Musical instruments

  • Musical instruments exceeding maximum hand luggage measurements (55cmx40cmx20cm) has to be sent as checked baggage and be packed in a hard case suited for transport.
  • Instruments exceeding standard sizes for checked baggage is eligible for an excess, see prices and baggage allowance above.
  • You are also allowed to bring the instrument onboard provided you pay for the seat and that the instrument is maximum 75 kilos. You need to be able to strap the seat belt around the instrument and it can't be higher than the seatback, examples are cello and guitar.

Pram and car seat


Children (below 2 years of age) are always allowed to bring a pram as checked baggage, free of charge. If the child is above 2 years, the pram is considered one piece of baggage. Check in your pram with your other baggage and drop it off at the counter labelled special baggage. The pram must be collapsable and no other items may be sent with the pram. You do not need to register the pram in your booking.

The pram should be packed to avoide damage to it self or other baggage in the loading compartment. Special plastic bags designed to protect strollers are available at the airport for purchase.

To protect the baby carriage there are two purpose-built products on the market; PramPack and Airshells. Both of them are recommended and approved by Widerøe. PramPack can be purchased at several airports in Norway and in several stores that sell equipment for children. For more information; Airshells can be rented at Oslo Airport, Gardermoen. For more information, see

Baby car seat

The baby car seat is considered one baggage and can be sent as checked luggage. If you want to bring the car seat onboard, book a children ticket for your child. More about travelling with children.

Fishing rods

Fishing rods

  • All fishing rods must be sent as checked baggage due to security. The fishing rods must be sent in a cordual (hard case).
  • Allowed fishing equipment is one box of fishings 
  • Allowed angeling equipment are; one bait box, angler bag or basket and the number of rods that fit in a box/tube (cordural tube). 
  • Payment is calculated per tube/bag according to size(length) and/or weight.

Sporting equipment

Sporting equipment

You need to pay excess for sporting equipment exceeding the baggage allowance for your ticket class. See table above.



Bicycles are allowed on Widerøes flights, but need to be packed in protective packing or hard case/box suitable for transport of bicycles. If you do not have this protective hard case/box please make the following preparations when sending a bicycle: 

  • The pedals needs to be removed (or fixed inwards).
  • Handelbars must be fixed sideways (turned horizontally with the frame).
  • Parts that can damage other cargo needs to be covered.
  • We recommend deflating the tyres to reduce risk of damage.

NOTE! It the bicycle is not packed accordingly to the rules above, the bicycle will only be accepted on standby basis.

Electric Bicycles and Segways
It is not allowed to transport electric Bicycles and Segways on Widerøe flights due to restrictions regarding the battery type used on such bikes.

    Skiing equipment

    Skiing equipment

    One set of snow ski equipment consist of:

    • Skis, ski poles, or one snowboard and one pair of boots and helmet
    You are allowed one or two colli containing snow ski equipment not exceeding 23kg in total. For example: one bag with skis, ski poles, and one bag with one pair of ski boots and one helmet.

    Skiing and snowboarding equipment must be sent in a bag suitable for transport. You may purchase special plastic bags for this purpose at the airport. You do not need to register the skiing equipment in your booking.


    Golfing equipment

    Golfing equipment

    One set of golfing equipment consist of one golf bag including 14 clubs, 12 golf balls and one pair of golf shoes


    Hunting and sporting weapons

    Hunting and sporting weapons

    Hunting and sporting weapons are allowed as checked baggage. Precautions when travelling with hunting and sporting weapons:

    • The firearm/ammunition should be decleared for inspection when checking in, and unloaded.  
    • The bolt/fire mechanism shall always be removed from the firearm and transported separately (if possible the firearm should be dismantled)
    • Ammunition: The total weight of ammunition (including shell) must not exceed the allowance of 5 kg (11lbs) per passenger and must be securely boxed in original packaging (prevents movement between shells or cartridges - loose ammunition is not permitted). Sharing weight allowance between passengers is not possible.

    Charges special baggage 

    • If baggage allowance is exceeded, you pay a flat fee regardless of size for bicycles, skiing and golfing equipment, as well as hunting and sporting weapons (maximum 23 kg). 
    • Please notice that the charges are each way (for return trips x2).
    Baggage  Weight and measurements Price
     Bicycle, fishing rods, skiing and golfing equipment, weapon
     max 23 kilos  EUR28
     Archery, diving equipment, white water kayak, etc.
     max 23 kilos  EUR28


    Special baggage exceeding dimension and weight

    The table below shows the excess rates for special baggage exceeding the weight limit of 32 kg and the dimension limit:

     Weight and total dimension of special baggage
    including weapons
     24-32 kg and max 158cm*
     24-32 kg and between 159-277 cm*
     33-45 kg and max 277 cm* (bulk)
    *) Hight + width + depth in cm


    Journeys starting with another airline

    If your journey starts with another airline, other baggage rules may apply. Click here for baggage rules for journeys starting with SAS.