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Widerøe has more than 40 destinations in Norway. Take a look at the routemap below to get an idea of connections and hubs. When searching for connections, it may be better to separate the journey into single legs. First to the hub and then on to the desired destination.


  • You may fly as much as you like, but not more than 4 times between the same city pairs (e.g Oslo-Sogndal).
  • Except for the first flight, you are free to change your itinerary within your travel period.  You can book up to 2 hours before departure, but note, availability might be limited on the most popular flights. We advice you to book early.
  • The ticket is not refundable after the first flight is booked, and name change is not possible.
  • Children 2-11 years old get 25% when they travel with a parent or grandparent (children under 12 years can not travel alone).
  • Connecting flight to/from Norway from/to one of our international destinations are included in the price for zone Southern Norway. Note: Only as first and last flight on your Explore Norway trip.
  • EuroBonus members are eligible to EuroBonus-points as follows:1 zone 3390 points, 2 zones 3990 points, 3 zones 4590 points, extra week 2000 points. The points will be registered when your journey is completed.


  • "Zone Southern Norway" cover all destinations south of and to / from Trondheim
  • "Zone Nordland" includes Trondheim, Nord-Trøndelag, Nordland and to / from Tromso
  • "Zone Finnmark" covers the whole Finnmark and includes Sørkjosen and Tromsø in Troms


      • Oslo Airport, Gardermoen: We can offer direct flights to the Fjords (Sogndal, Sandane, Florø, Førde and Ørsta/Volda), to Røros, to Helgeland (Brønnøysund, Mosjøen, Mo i Rana and Sandnessjøen) and to Lofoten (Leknes and Svolvær). Connections to Bergen via the Fjords.
      • Sandefjord, Torp: Flights to Bergen, Evenes, Trondheim, Stavanger and Copenhagen.
      • Bergen: Flights to all our destinations in Fjord Norway (Western Norway) and to Sandefjord, Kristiansand, Bodø and Tromsø.
      • Trondheim: Flights to/from Kristiansand, Sandefjord, Kristiansund, Rørvik, Namsos, Brønnøysund, Sandnessjøen, Mosjøen, Mo i Rana and Bodø.
      • Bodø:  Bodø is an important hub for flights to Helgeland, Lofoten, Vesterålen and Tromsø.  Direct flights to Bergen.
      • Tromsø: Flights to all our destinations in Finnmark and to Sørkjosen, Andenes, Stokmarknes, Evenes and Bergen.

      We have divided the country into 3 zones, and you can choose between traveling in one zone, two zones or the whole of Norway.

      International connections to Norway

      If you start your journey in UK, Sweden or Denmark, Widerøe operated flights as listed below are included to/from Norway:
      • Aberdeen - Stavanger and Bergen (daily)
      • Gøteborg - Oslo (daily, except Saturday) 
      • København - Kristiansand and Sandefjord (+ Haugesund 1.7.- 11.8.)  

      Where to fly to get close to the major sights and attractions

      • Lofoten: Leknes, Svolvær and Røst are located in Lofoten
      • North Cape: Fly to Honningsvåg
      • Flåm and Sognefjorden: Fly to Sogndal
      • Preikestolen/The Pulpit Rock and Lyseforden: Fly to Stavanger
      • Nidarosdomen: Fly to Trondheim
      • The Arctic Circle: Fly to Mo i Rana
      • Kinnarodden, the northernmost point on the Europeen mainland: Fly to Mehamn
      • Whale safari: Fly to Andenes
      • World Heritage center for Rock-art: Fly to Alta
      • The Unesco listed old mining town: Fly to Røros
      • Saltstraumen, the world’s most powerful maelstrom: Fly to Bodø
      • The Northernmost town in the world: Hammerfest
      • Geirangerfjord and Trollstigen: Fly to Ålesund
      • The Atlantic Road: Fly to Molde or Kristiansund

      Getting around

      • How to get from the airport to the city center? See Avinors airport guide. (Shows distance, public transport etc.)
      • A bicycle can be the perfect solution when you just want to go to the city centre, or to see local attractions. We offer Fly and Bike at the following destinations: Sandane, Sogndal, Namsos, Rørvik, Brønnøysund, Sandnessjøen, Bodø, Leknes, Svolvær, Røst, Tromsø, Alta, Hammerfest and Kirkenes.   At other destinations, bikes are normally available for rent at the tourist office.
      • Rental car is often the best alternative if you want to see more of the destination and the surroundings. Book a rental car.
      • Timetables for local transport can be found here;, and Norway Bussekspress.
      • More about the Explore Norway Ticket

      Hotel offer : Summer offer from Thon Hotels