About the company

Widerøe is the largest regional airline in Scandinavia, with a staff of 3,000 and a turnover of NOK 3.5 billion. The company carries around 2.8 million passengers annually and flies to 46 domestic and international destinations.
Widerøe operates more than 450 flights every day and operates to more than twice as many airports in Norway than any other airline. Today our network consists of 60% commercial routes, and 40% PSO routes (Public Services Obligations).

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Widerøes history

Widerøes Flyveselskap AS was founded on February 19th 1934 by five enthusiastic friends.  One of them was Viggo Widerøe. In the beginning the company was located at Ingierstrand outside Oslo and initially the company operated air taxi, ambulance, school transport services and aerial photo flights.

More about Widerøes history

In the 1950's the activity increased substantially. The seaplane routes in Northern Norway along with the maintenence operations at Fornebu was driving most of the income. The seaplane activity was replaced by short field routes when the government decided to establish smaller airports in the regions. The first four airports were located between Bodø and Trondheim and opened in 1968.
In 1970 Widerøe reorganised, as the company wanted to play a leading role in the development of the regional route system. The company has continued to develop and Widerøe is now established as one of the most major regional transport providers in Norway. Today Widerøe has over 400 daily departures to 43 domestic and 3 international destinations, including our summer destinations, and in excess of 2 million passengers annually.

Our aircraft

Widerøe operates a fleet of 41 Bombardier Dash-8 turbo-prop aircraft. The fleet consists of 7 Dash-8 300, 20 Dash-8 100, 3 Dash-8-Q200 and 11 Dash-8 Q400 aircraft. All the planes are built between 1990 and 2010.

More about Dash-8-100

Dash-8 100/Q200 speed: 482 km/h
Max.take-off weight: 15.966 kg
Engines: 2 x 2.150 hk Pratt & Whitney PW121 turboprop/ 2 x 2.262 hk Pratt & Whitney PW123d turboprop
Wingspan: 25,9 m
Length: 22,3 m
Number of seats: 39
Number of aircraft: 23

More about Dash-8-300

Dash-8 300

Dash-8 300 speed:  501 km/t
Max.take-off weight: 19.500 kg
Engines: 2 x 2.380 hk Pratt & Whitney PW123 turboprop
Wingspan: 27,4 m
Length: 25,7 m
Number of seats: 50
Number of aircraft: 8

More about Dash-8-Q400

Dash-8 400 speed: 667 km/t
Max.take-off weight: 29.574 kg
Engines: 2 x 5.071 hk Pratt & Whitney PW150A turboprop
Wingspan: 28,42 m
Length: 32,8 m
Number of seats: 78
Number of aircraft: 11


Widerøe cares about the environment and committed to IATA's goal of zero emissions by 2050. The goal is an emissions-neutral aviation as an integral part of a future sustainable environment and society.

More about Widerøes environmental work

Both Widerøe and our suppliers are working with technology, infrastructure, operational and financial measures to achieve this vision. Widerøe is a necessary prerequisite for maintaining an active private sector in the districts and a lot of the traffic is transportation of sick patients and mail.
Q400 is the world's most environmental-friendly aircraft
  • 30% less fuel than other aircraft of similar size 
  • 30% fewer emissions than other aircraft of similar size 
  • One of the quietest aircraft in the world 

Widerøe Internet AS

Widerøe Internet AS (WIAS) is a subsidiary of Widerøe and is responsible for the operation of, implementation of new functionality, as well as helping all our customers with online booking of tickets, hotel and car rental via email, chat and telephone.

More about WIAS

WIAS is also developing solutions for other airlines around the world, where Credit Card Fraud Detection Services has had great growth in recent years.
The company was established by Wideroe in 1998 and has since 2000 been a wholly owned subsidiary. The company consists of 22 employees and a turnover of 1.1 billion in 2011. More about the services WIAS offers
The companies CEO is Odd Langvatn.