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Widerøe is offering assistance within the following areas:

Technical Line and Base Maintenance

Base Maintenance

WF Part 145 holds a current EASA 145 approval and has 200 employees. Out of this workforce about 60 is working at base maintenance. According to work load, the base maintenance can get reinforcement from Line Maintenance and the Technical workshops and can thereby have a very flexible production. At the maintenance bases we carry out planned work iaw MSG 3 program, modifications, repairs, A- C- and D-checks Main location for Base Maintenance is Bodø where we have an extensive workshop capability. At request we also do Base maintenance tasks at: Oslo and Sandefjord

Widerøe is approved supplier for line maintenance services on Fokker 70 and Fokker 100 in addition to our own Dash-8 fleet.

For further information please send us an e-mail:

Line Maintenance

Holding current EASA Part 145 Approval As part of Widerøe the Part145-organization the Line Maintenance has 60 employees. We understand the need for minimal loss of time to satisfy the operators goals for flight reliability. All personnel have international civil rating of certifications, iaw EASA part 145, and ICAO type II. WF Line maintenance is represented at the following airports 7 days a week 24 hrs basis:
  • Bodø
  • Tromsø
  • Oslo
  • Sandefjord (Torp)
Widerøe is approved supplier for line maintenance services on Fokker 70 and Fokker 100 in addition to our own Dash-8 fleet.

We carry out following tasks with authorized personell:
  • Planned maintenance iaw MSG 3 program
  • Trouble shooting and defect rectification

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Component repairs

Component repairs

    Our hydromechanical workshop offer component repairs, also on wing iaw an impressive capability list. This gives reductions in stock level, and help to speed up hangar-works for spares in demand.

    We like to draw attention to our program for landing gear overhaul. Widerøe normally provides loaner equipment while we do repairs.

    We mention some tasks as examples from the capabilty list:

    • Extensive component capabilities
    • Corrosion repair on NLG trunnion with anode eloxing threatment
    • Production of frame profiles for wing/fuselage
    • Machinery centre
    • OH complete landing gir
    • Offers 3. party work
    • Rep of L/G on aircraft
    • Bushing repair on aircraft

Widerøe training and courses

Widerøe Training Center (WTC)

    Widerøe Training Center is located at the Airline's main base in Bodø. WTC is responsible for all:
    • maintenance training
    • station personnel training
    • pilot typerating ground school
    • cabin attendant typerating ground school
The training Center is also responsible for the operation of a DHC-8 Cabin Simulator and a Door-Trainer for Dash8-Q400 built according to EASA- regulations. We are an approved EASA Part 147 organization (Approval # NO 147.0005) for DHC-8 100/200/300/Q400 A/B1/B2.

Widerøe Training Center has:
  • 7 classrooms, of which 2 are equipped with computers connected in network
  • All classrooms are fully multimedia equipped
  • In addition we have 2 special rooms for e-learning (CBT)
  • Q400 door-trainer
  • Full-size Dash8 Cabin Simulator
During training we emphasize the use of computers. Blended learning (classroom and E-learning) is preferred. Students often use both electronic training manuals and aircraft documentation.

Wideroe Training Center has highly experienced and skilled instructors. WTC has 25 years experience with courses for operators from all parts of the world. All courses are performed in English language. Course documentation is also in English language. All training is offered at very competitive prices.

For more information please contact:
Mrs. Elisabeth Rasmussen

Telephone: +47 75 51 35 62
Mobile phone: +47 97 03 40 45
Telefax: +47 75 51 35 79

Spares for sales

Spares for sale

Widerøe has through more than 14 years of operating Dash8s buildt up an extensive range of spareparts for DH8-100/200/300 and DH8-Q400. For further information on spares please mail to:

Manager Logistics Mr. Werner Skaue Telephone: + 47 75 51 35 00

Widerøe have more than 300 dedicated employees from the Technical department who cover airports all over Norway. The technical departement have 110 authorized engineers with EASA/ IATA approvals. We also set up technical mobile repairteams for most tasks regarding Dash8- aircrafts. Approvals according to EASA rules and procedures:

  • Continued Airwortiness Management Organisation CAMO
  • Line, Base and Workshops Part 145
  • Technical Training Part 147

Widerøe is also an approved supplier for line maintenance services on Fokker 70 and Fokker 100 in addition to our own Dash-8 fleet.

All work is carried out based according to ISO 9000:2000 standard.

For further information please send us an e-mail:

+47 75 51 35 00